Alpha-version is just around the corner

In the middle of July, DISCIPLINA, a blockchain for the fields of education and recruitment, has successfully conducted a tokensale. Thanks to DISCIPLINA, it will be possible to create a single profile, where a user can store verified data on both educational and professional achievements.

Project development is swiftly progressing, and the release of the alpha-version of DISCIPLINA is planned for the end of August. The alpha-version will be a functionally limited but ready-to-use test network for the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

Several applications, the source codes for which are available on GitHub, have already been developed to interact with the blockchain. These include:

  • Faucet — an instrument that permits access to a fixed amount of free DSCP tokens to facilitate transactions within the test network, and allows to create a paper wallet for their storage.
  • Block explorer — an instrument that allows to find and track blocks of the DISCIPLINA network in real time, as well as to view their contents and the technical information on the transactions within it. Here, a recruiter can upload a fair CV container they have received from a student to check its validity.
  • Ariadne — a simple yet effective wallet, which allows a user to track their balance within the test network, send and receive test DSCP tokens, and backup and restore wallet data.

Follow our news on the project website: https://disciplina.io

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