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Review on the Disciplina blockchain project by TeachMePlease

At the end of November, the team behind the TeachMePlease project started the presale of DSCP tokens for Disciplina - a platform for the educational and recruiting fields. The platform uses all the capabilities of blockchain technologies to provide the reliability of the data on educational results, ratings and reviews of educational institutions, the confidentiality of personal and commercial data, the guarantee of the fulfillment of obligations by all parties, and immediate and cheap payments.

Disciplina is an open-source platform which can be used in any projects of the educational or recruiting service.

The development of this blockchain platform in the field of education was initiated by the founders of the TeachMePlease project – an international service for storing information on courses, as well as for searching, paying and enrolling in these courses online. TeachMePlease will be the first project in the field of education based on the Disciplina blockchain platform.

Problems of the educational platforms

Disciplina developers highlighted the following problems:

  • The absence of an international service for searching for courses. There is no online resource that would unite the courses worldwide. You have to switch between several websites in order to compare the content and price of the courses in your neighborhood, or while on a business trip or holiday. Some educational institutions don’t have their own online resources: some general information about the courses on offer can only be found on marketplace services, and to find out more about the course content and its price you need to contact the manager of the organization by phone.
  • Inconvenient payment service. Not all educational organizations provide an online payment service: some of them only accept cash or bank transfers. Foreign education is also unreasonably expensive for a student: the price for such courses is high due to bank commission fees and other additional charges.
  • The lack of trust in educational documentation. The problem of trust in educational documents still exists in the field of education. When seeking employment, the candidate usually can’t confirm the knowledge just by having a diploma or certificate, as these might be seen as untrustworthy by an employer.
  • Recruiters don’t have any tools to check the candidate’s qualifications. The information about the quality of the performance of educational institutions is available in open sources, the reliability of which can be doubted, because the reviews and ratings can be falsified.
  • Insecure storage of paper documents. Some organizations issue paper diplomas and certificates, which makes them easy to falsify, lose, damage, and hard to restore. Digital certificates are a more reliable way to store educational documents, but it has its own disadvantages. The documents stored on a student’s personal computer can be lost; educational documents can be stored in different personal accounts, which makes third party access difficult; storing such documents in centralized systems runs the risk of information loss.
  • The lack of a convenient service for teachers. The teachers are not provided with a convenient service for scheduling and student communication. There are no simple and easy-to-use tools for lesson planning and creating final tests, which makes the educational process less effective and more time-consuming.

The TeachMePlease team believes that providing a solution to these problems will simplify the organization of educational process for all participants, and make its results more trusted by both the employers and the candidates themselves.

The Idea

The idea to create TeachMePlease was formed when the project founder Ilya Nikiforov couldn’t find reliable information on surfing online while travelling on the West Coast of the United States: all the course offers on different services only contained short descriptions of the course with phone numbers of service managers. Upon the return in Saint-Petersburg, Ilya studied the situation on the Russian educational market, and realized that the problems are the same in every corner of the globe. Thus was decided to create the TeachMePlease service to simplify the search and payment for learning.

TeachMePlease is a fully functional marketplace that will later transform into a platform for the field of education: the service for online courses is currently under development by the team of specialist.

The service is becoming international - the organization has been already registered in the United States, and its localization for the North American market is near completion.

The team is planning to solve the rest of the problems of educational service market by developing the following tools:

- a unified “educational” token for quick and cheap international transactions and payments for services on the platform;

- reliable ratings of teachers and educational institutions, verified by the chains of blocks;

- a distributed register of student academic achievement, impossible to lose or falsify, to validate academic history;

- a reliable CV and score – a system for the express grading of candidates based on the blockchain for recruiters;

- a convenient tools for lesson planning, scheduling, creating educational materials, and testing.

The project team believes that the use of blockchain technology, which provides the transparency and credibility of data, will help implement all of the aforementioned functions.

Why we need to develop a blockchain platform for the field of education

The architecture of the platform for the field of education will use the capabilities of blockchain technology. It will be developed with regard for the needs of the participants of the field of education, and may be used for:

- maintaining the trust in the information stored on the platform and its credibility;

- maintaining the confidentiality of the stored information;

- quick and cheap payments in tokens between the users, which will also simplify international payments;

The private and commercial data presented on the market cannot be stored in open access. Therefore, public blockchain solutions don’t suit the needs of the platform. At the same time, private blockchain solutions don’t provide enough transparency of the data stored on them. Thus, the team decided to develop a blockchain platform for the field of education that will consist of both private and public segments. They called it Disciplina.

Any educational service will be able to use the platform for its needs: the interaction with the platform will be organized through applications with a convenient interface, which will provide a wide range of platform functions.

Platform operating cycle

The users of the Disciplina ecosystem will be the participants of the educational market, outside specialists that are interested in the information stored in the system, and the specialists that will control the integrity of the chain of blocks and provide the access to the necessary data.

The private segment does not allow any data except hashes into open access. This is done to store private and personal user data, as well as those materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality.

The validity of the segments within the private blockchains of the educational institutions will be checked by Witnesses. They will manage public chain of blocks, on which the data created within each educational institution is hashed. To confirm the validity of blocks Witnesses will use a consensus algorithm.

The public segment will allow into open access the data that verifies the integrity of the network and the reliability of the information stored on it. The archivists will store the search indexes and serve as an interface for granting recruiters access to the information in private chains.

Minting on Disciplina

The DISCIPLINA network will provide energy-efficient PoS minting – any productive activity of ecosystem participants devoted to transaction processing or supporting the network. Any participant will be able to provide disk space and computing power for processing blocks and requests. The reward to minters will come both from a part of the commission earned on transactions and in tokens from the technical pool.


The main payment instrument on the Disciplina platform will be DSCP tokens, together with smaller payment unit called Logic.

Services that integrate the Disciplina blockchain platform into their technological processes will be able to use tokens and all the relevant interface for transactions.

TeachMePlease, in partnership with Cryptopay, will provide all platform users with plastic cards with immediate conversion of cryptocurrency into fiduciary money. The user can view their balance and manage it either in their user personal profile on the platform or via the mobile app.

The increase in the volume of data on the platform will guarantee the growth in the price of the token. Over time, the platform will be able to operate reliable Big Data, the access to which will be fixed in tokens (for example, 1 request – 1 token). The price of each request, and, consequently, the value of the token, will grow alongside the increase in data volume and the expansion of its variety.


The main stage of the crowdsale is planned for the first quarter of 2018. Until then, you can participate in the presale. To do this, you need to create a personal account on our website by filling in a form. Only verified participants are allowed to take part in the presale, and the decision on their participation will be taken depending on the information provided in the form: the experience in the blockchain sphere, the probable role in community, and the volume of investment.

The funds raised during the presale will be taken into account in the total amount of funds raised throughout the campaign, and will be credited to the smart contract of the crowdsale. Token withdrawal will not be possible until the end of the entire campaign. The maximum bonus at the presale stage is up to 30% for the whole campaign. The exchange rate for one DSCP token is 0,0005 ETH. We accept BTC and ETH. You can join our campaign on our website, disciplina.io.


Our development team consists of over 30 experienced software developers, managers, and marketing specialists, and our founders have substantial experience in IT and banking. We are also lucky to have as our partners and advisors several well-known specialists in the blockchain sphere. The project exists since July 2016.

The architecture of the Disciplina blockchain platform is implemented by the TeachMePlease team in partnership with Serokell – an international company specializing in the development of distributed systems. Serokell uses high-assurance coding principles, and has experience in cryptocurrencies development, one of which is Cardano.

We believe that the development of a blockchain platform for the sphere of education will generate quality change on the educational market and the fields related to it: we are sure that other projects will appreciate the solutions of problems concerning the confidentiality of the data and its quick, reliable, and cheap transfer, and will use Disciplina for their needs.

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