"Bad news for the haters! Please welcome DISCIPLINA Alpha"

Ilya Nikiforov, co-founder DISCIPLINA: “While most of the so-called “leaders” and founders of blockchain projects are taking crypto-cruises around the world, asking for money for posting photos on the websites of yet another “ICO dreamer”, my team is working.

We are not shouting about our achievements from the rooftops. We are neither imposing our opinion on anyone nor giving advice or recommendations.

We are simply creating a product, where blockchain will not be just an empty claim, but the technology at its best.

Today, a mere month after the conclusion of our ICO, we introduce the first result of our work — DISCIPLINA Alpha.

It is only the first functioning version of our product. Not all the aspects are fixed as they should be, and sometimes the platform isn’t working properly. But it is still much better than what 99% of the projects that have run ICOs currently have or will have in the future.

Many thanks to my team!

We continue our work to reach the goal that we have set at the beginning.

P.S For those who don’t know about our project: we are developing a breakthrough solution — a brand new blockchain. We are creating the technology that in my opinion will change the world”.

Release Announcement — https://alpha.disciplina.io

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