Benefits of using DISCIPLINA

DISCIPLINA is being developed for the demands of the educational and recruiting fields as well as their individual members.

Thus, this blockchain will allow the field of education to store the data in a distributed system, offering access through a personal profile of the user and to restore the trust, value, and importance to the educational process and the system as a whole. All these will help make academic history completely transparent, lower the risk of information loss, generate personal scoring and present the entire academic history as one unified CV.

Educational institutions will be able to store the data on the DISCIPLINA network, while the integration into existing or new CRM-systems provides the opportunity for quick retrieval, and award grades using online testing and automatic upload of the grades onto blockchain, which makes them impossible to alter or forge. They will also have the opportunity to monetize the archive data on student academic achievement and qualifications by providing recruiters with the access to it.

DISCIPLINA will help students to more easily choose the educational institution and programme due to the objectiveness of rating system and devise a fixed educational path, suited to their career aspirations.

As for the recruiters, DISCIPLINA will provide them with the opportunity to narrow the search for specialists with required qualifications by providing an effective algorithm of candidate search by their skills and fields of expertise. They will also be able to trust the reliability of the data once entered into the blockchain and register the data on work experience and employee achievement using blockchain.

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