Blockchain technology: how it’s used today

Everyone is aware of blockchain nowadays, and it is no surprise that more and more projects are launching blockchain platforms for the field of education.

The first educational institution that started to use blockchain architecture for the storage of diplomas and qualification characteristics was the university of Nicosia. It provides students from more than 80 countries with the opportunity for remote learning, and their diplomas are accepted worldwide. Furthermore, the university accepts cryptocurrencies for tuition.

However, the field of education is not the only sphere that can implement blockchain technology. In June 2017, Sberbank has confirmed the need for a verifiable academic history by awarding the 1st prize in its annual hackathon to the team that developed a blockchain-based CV project.

Blockchain can be employed in any sphere that requires to store any kind of personal data, such as career achievements or medical records.

Having analyzed the educational blockchain projects that are currently in development, the DISCIPLINA team have reached the conclusion that these projects largely solve isolated issues, namely:

  • digitalizing data
  • introducing smart-contracts to ensure the security of deals between teachers and students
  • unification and storage of the data on academic achievement in several educational institutions
  • cross-border cryptopayments

The main goal of DISCIPLINA is not only to resolve all the aforementioned issues, but also to generate quality changes in the sphere of education and make cooperation between educational institutions and recruiters more effective.

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