Blockchain Workshop w/ Disciplina/ Cardano Core Developers

On March 27, 2018 the team from DISCIPLINA, a new open-source private-public blockchain based on PoS-consensus by TeachMePlease team and the former developers of Cardano will lead a special educational event at Byte Academy, New York. The event will start at 6:30 p.m, concluding at 9:00 p.m. Previously the technical team had worked on the implementation of Ouroboros protocol making all of the technical decisions related to backend development, coding the core and the backend of Cardano.

During the evening the team will introduce their platform, teach on blockchain protocols and programming languages, particularly Haskell, PureScript and Nix along with networking. After the presentation, the team will be glad to answer your questions. If attending the workshop component, we do suggest some technical knowledge.

The DISCIPLINA team will be presented by the lead specialists in blockchain technologies and programming. These are:

Roman Alterman: Roman is the business developer of the DISCIPLINA project. He tried himself at all aspects of the cryptocurrency market, from mining and trading on his PC in 2011 to the business development of a new Blockchain for education and HR. Roman always knows how to Pareto efficiently reach the Nash equilibrium in any conflict of interests.

Arseniy Seroka: Arseniy is the founder and CEO of Serokell. His love for functional programming, foundational research and perfectionism are the pillars of our values. He is well known for his quantum skills — every possible combination has already been analyzed and studied by his omnipresent mind.

Dmitriy Mukhutdinov: Dmitry is a young engineer who leads the DISCIPLINA team. He eats academic papers for breakfast and snacks on pull requests. He navigates our brains through the storms of brainstorming sessions like Juan de la Cosa. And when he is not, he helps Kali where it is possible, mostly underperforming postgrad courses. He speaks in coq proofs, and everything he touches type checks immediately.

John Burnham: John is an engineer at Serokell and DISCIPLINA backend developer. At Dartmouth, he studied Computer Science and Ancient Greek, so he inevitably got hooked by category theory. He started a functional programming company named after a Jorge Luis Borges short story. His hobbies include: having long early morning conversations with the compiler, dreaming of space colonization, and playing board-games by Uwe Rosenberg.

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