DISCIPLINA bounty campaign

As you know, 2% of tokens from the platform’s technical pool are reserved for the bounty campaign.

DISCIPLINA invites you to join the campaign and get DSCP tokens for free.

Our campaign consists of 5 different programs, so you can join one that you like the most and receive stakes for participation!

First of all, please join the DISCIPLINA Blockchain community on Telegram: https://t.me/tchmpls and fill in a special form.

Please note! For each campaign you will need to fill in a different new form.

What will you choose?

Signature on bitcointalk.org

If you are an advanced user of bitcointalk.org, you can add a signature to your posts. The reward will depend on you rank: full members receive 7 stakes per week, while legendary members can get 10 stakes. Every user must post a minimum of 10 constructive posts per week. The last day to join this bounty program is May 20th.

Sign up form: Form Table

Blogs & Articles & video campaign

If you are a blogger, you can write an article or make a video. The article should be 500+ characters long, and your video must be your original work and last more than 30 seconds. Please remember: the description of your article/video should include active links to the DISCIPLINA website, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram.

The last day to join this bounty program is May 23rd.

Sign up form: Form Table

Facebook & Twitter & Instagram campaign

If you have a significant number of followers (500 on Facebook or 1000 on Twitter and Instagram), you can follow and like the DISCIPLINA Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page. You must also make posts and reposts about the DISCIPLINA blockchain using the hashtags #dscp #eth #ico #bounty

The last day to join this bounty program is May 20th.

Sign up form: Form Table

Translations campaign

If you are an experienced translator, you can execute translations of our ANN thread on bitcointolk.org, Whitepaper, Onepager or our Website. The translations must be of high quality — computer-aided translations will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please note that English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese languages will not participate in the campaign.

Sign up form: Form Table

And our new campaign on Telegram!

It is the easiest program to join. First, you must subscribe to the DISCIPLINA Telegram channel: https://t.me/tchmpls. Then set the profile picture of the DISCIPLINA Telegram chat as your profile photo and edit your username to include “Disciplina.io” or “Disciplina.io Ambassador” at the end.

For these activities you will be rewarded with 1 stake per week. The campaign will last till the end of ICO — or May, 27th.

Sign up form: Form

Don’t forget to join TG bounty chat to get quick access to important information and efficient communication with the bounty manager: https://t.me/joinchat/C-Xx4Q1LiGmy2CW_9QuzZA

You can always find detailed information about our campaign on the DISCIPLINA bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3101698


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