Coinidol.com: Disciplina Blockchain Platform – a Perfect World for Learning

TeachMePlease is a service that provides the conditions for efficient and effective cooperation between academic institutions, private tutors, and their students. This is a well-functioning international marketplace, which allows users to post information about the courses, search for lessons according to their interests, pay and enroll in courses online.

The main task for project authors is to transform the project into a fully-featured service with convenient tools for its users. To solve this task, the TeachMePlease team is going to implement blockchain technology, which guarantees not only the credibility of learning results, but also the confidentiality of personal and commercial data stored on the platform.

The current blockchain solutions either involve a public manner of data retention, or cannot provide the transparency of the stored data. Thus we decided to create our own blockchain platform for projects in educational and recruiting spheres.

More: coinidol.com

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