DISCIPLINA becomes first project to enter Academy - School of Blockchain’s Incubator Accelerator program

We are thrilled to inform you that the DISCIPLINA project has established a partnership with the Academy - School of Blockchain (“Academy”), the world’s first accredited school in the field of blockchain development. DISCIPLINA will be the flagship project to receive mentorship, development support, and valuable industry insight from Academy’s elite team of advisors via Academy’s Incubator Accelerator (“IA”) program.


Academy aims to ensure the future of blockchain through education. Focused on providing relevant and agile blockchain training, Academy’s curriculum is designed by the world’s leading innovators and specialists in the blockchain sphere. In their efforts to provide a sustainable solution to the worldwide blockchain developer shortage crisis, courses at Academy provide students with the opportunity for both online and offline learning, embodying the principle of accessibility that is integral to blockchain’s many promises.


This collaboration was initiated through our advisor partnership with Academy co-founder, Jason King.


“DISCIPLINA is going to make a real impact on the blockchain sector, and thus it possesses all the hallmarks of an exemplary candidate for our IA,” said King. “Their team comes with a proven track record of excellence, coupled with immense potential for further success. DISCIPLINA is employing smart contracts and blockchain - breakthrough technologies - to provide much-needed updates in the way we process and seek education. It’s my pleasure to advise on a project like this that injects tremendous value and innovation into an underexplored space.”  


“We are grateful for the opportunity to be recognized and supported by Academy’s Incubator Accelerator program,” said Ilya Nikiforov, DISCIPLINA co-founder. “Alignment with Academy exemplifies our commitment to transforming education and their aid will propel us closer to achieving that goal.”





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