Every big project needs to be supported by authoritative people in various fields, and DISCIPLINA is no exception.

We are establishing partnerships with specialists that have already earned their reputation in the fields of blockchain and education, and we are proud to say that while the project has been growing, several prominent experts have joined our team of advisors:

  • Kenji Sasaki — co-founder of the Cardano cryptocurrency, CEO Next Chymia Consulting HK.
  • Jason King — founder of Sean’s Outpost and Unsung.org, co-founder of the world’s first accredited school for blockchain named Academy.
  • Antonio Menedez-Sierra — specialist in the fields of recruiting, HR, and legal, has a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance.
  • George Basiladze — CEO of Cryptopay — a provider of digital wallet services.

These people provide the project with the necessary support and assistance in technological and marketing development.

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