What is DISCIPLINA blockchain?

DISCIPLINA is a blockchain platform for the projects in educational and recruiting spheres.

The use of blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of the platform and creates the conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by ecosystem participants.

The architecture of the DISCIPLINA platform uses all the capabilities both of blockchain technologies, and of other recent trends in the fields of computer technologies and distributed systems. It is a wholly universal blockchain platform for any other educational projects.


What is TeachMePlease?

TeachMePlease is an international project in the field of education, the needs of which will be fulfilled by DISCIPLINA – a newly developed blockchain.

TeachMePlease provides the conditions for efficient and effective cooperation between academic institutions and private tutors, and their students.

TeachMePlease has no territorial borders, which allows schools and private tutors from around the world to offer their programs to potential students anywhere on the planet.


How does the DISCIPLINA token work?

The DSCP token is the functional token of the DISCIPLINA blockchain. During the crowdsale ERC20-compatible DSCP tokens will be issued, and these will be converted to native tokens in a 1:1 ratio after the launch of DISCIPLINA’s decentralised MainNet.

These tokens will be used for class purchase and payments for additional services on the platform. Users will also be able to exchange the tokens on exchanges or using the co-branded Cryptopay card later.

There will be POS minting for DSCP.


Why do you need the crowdsale?

Due to the community support we will be able to develop the blockchain with convenient services and unique decentralized private system which can be used by different educational services.

We are creating an open-source decentralised platform, which will be used for free. That's why we want it to belong to more than one investor and belong to the whole community.


What are the conditions for crowdsale participation?

Pre-sale is conducted from 27.11.2017 to 20.03.2018. The main stage of the sale will start on 27.03.2018 and will last up until and including 09.04.2018.

Time at which each stage will change (including the bonus periods) is 14:00 UTC

Early investors can receive bonuses

Minimum amount for purchase is not set

Maximum amount for purchase is not set

We accept BTC and ETH


How can I withdraw my tokens?

Token withdrawal option will be available after the end of the whole campaign. The users can withdraw tokens using any ERC20 compatible wallet.


How can I participate in bounty-campaign?

Please read the conditions of participating here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2324510

We welcome new participants.


Is there any other way to get tokens except by participating in bounty campaign?

You can either take a part in our referral program or invite friends to our Telegram chat.

In case of referral program both you and the one you invited receive 5% of her purchase as a bonus.

As another option you may invite friends to DISCIPLINA by TeachMePlease Telegram chat:  https://t.me/tchmpls and you’ll get 30 DSCP tokens. After creating a personal account at https://account.teachmeplease.io you should fill in the form https://goo.gl/forms/RDMGRpKGPSu2joxX2 to let us know whom you invited.


What about KYC/AML?

Yes, to participate in our campaign you will have to pass KYC procedure. In case you are US citizen you will also need to confirm that you are a qualified investor. Thank you.


Who is on the project's team?

Our team consists of more than 34 members. Our founders have a substantial experience in IT and banking. Our partners and advisors are influential specialists in the blockchain field. Our project launched in July 2016.


Who developed the architecture of DISCIPLINA blockchain?

The project is implemented by Saint-Petersburg team of developers in partnership with Serokell – an international developer of distributed systems which adheres to the principles of high-assurance coding. Serokell team has a great experience of work in the field of cryptocurrency and the development of Cardano cryptocurrency is among its main achievements.


I have more questions. What should I do?

Here you can get a quick response to any of your questions, and chat with the project founders: https://t.me/tchmpls


I have a cooperation suggestion, with whom can I speak about it?

That’s nice! If you have any suggestions, please email us: disciplina@teachmeplease.com

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