Why have you chosen a PoS-algorithm?

First of all, a PoS-algorithm is more energy-efficient (unlike traditional PoW). It provides the high speed and low price of transactions. It makes our blockchain more convenient for our users: thanks to the PoS architecture, you will be able to earn DSCP tokens by maintaining a node of the DISCIPLINA blockchain on your hardware. The user will be rewarded for the launch of each block with commission fees from transactions made in that block. Probability of the award proportionally depends on the number of tokens in your account. So, the more tokens you have, the higher the chance of an award. 

How can I protect my private data?

DISCIPLINA is developed using a special technology called the Web Of Trust. That means that each user will be able to choose the system participants they trust. The level of trust in the other system members will be calculated individually for each user. Moreover, DISCIPLINA will contain a private layer. The private segment does not allow any data except hashes to open access.

How will tutors who work through your service get paid? Not every person is prepared to receive tokens (For example, older specialists may just not be interested in that).

We have a solution for that issue. One of our partners is Cryptopay. Tutors will have an opportunity to get a co-branding plastic card. With a Cryptopay card, each user of Disciplina can transfer tokens to fiat currency immediately and spend it or withdraw in an ATM. Thus, they won't have to be involved in this unfamiliar sphere and could just use a card.

Can everyone build tools in the DISCIPLINA blockchain?

Yes, and that is our point. DISCIPLINA is an open-source platform, so anyone can base a project on DISCIPLINA. Any educational or recruiting service will be able to use it in their projects that store and process the personal data. The functions of the platform will be performed through the DISCIPLINA node. The platform will provide a public API for the convenient interoperation of the services with the DISCIPLINA nodes.  

How will tokens be distributed during the crowdsale?

78% of the DSCP tokens issued will be distributed during the crowdsale, 20% of the tokens are reserved for company founders, and 2% will be used for the bounty campaign. Funds attracted in the crowdsale will be spent on project development in the following ratio: 40% – on marketing, 30% – on project development, 15% – on sales, 10% – on legal services, and 5% – additional capital. The additional capital is used to improve the financial stability of the project. Out of the 20% of the tokens reserved for the company founders, one half will be frozen for 6 months, and the other half - for 12 months from the end of the crowdsale.

Will the DISCIPLINA token be listed on cryptoexchanges? If so, when that will be?

Sure! The DSCP token will be listed on cryptoexchanges. This is planned for the second quarter of 2018 - at the same time as the launch of the alpha version of DISCIPLINA.

How can I buy tokens?

You should sign up at account.disciplina.io
Confirm your e-mail
Go to the “Buy tokens” menu section
Select the currency: BTC or ETH
Copy your ETH or BTC wallet address
Enter the amount you want to send
Confirm your transaction

Here is a video tutorial: https://youtu.be/4VmkDoZ03bE

What is next for DISCIPLINA?

After the launch of TestNet, we are going to integrate the DISCIPLINA blockchain in those CRM-systems that are already used by Educational institutions. Thus, we wouldn’t have to negotiate with every single university and can attract a new active users to DISCIPLINA blockchain.

What else is cool about the DISCIPLINA ecosystem?

First of all, DISCIPLINA has a unique architecture with both private and public layers. The private segment does not allow any data except hashes to open access. The public segment provides the access to the data that verifies the integrity of the private chains and the reliability of the data stored by the network.
Also, there are unique algorithms connected with the specificity of the architecture. Take, for example, the Data Disclosure Algorithm. This protocol guarantees the transmission of valid data in return for a transaction in cryptocurrency. Moreover, the PoS Consensus Algorithm provides so-called «Witnesses» to check the validity of transactions in public chain.

Is the DISCIPLINA Ecosystem going to be powered by tokens?
Yes, tokens will be used for payments between ecosystem participants.
However, the settlement layer is not the main aim of development of our blockchain. Payments would not differ from payments in other blockchains. Besides, we collaborate with Cryptopay: that’s why users can own convenient co-branding cards.

Will the tokens be usable immediately or will the proceeds from the offering be used to complete the ecosystem?

The tokens distributed after the crowdsale will be used by our own educational platform TeachMePlease. After the launch of the MainNet, crowdsale tokens will be converted to the native tokens and would be fully usable by services that implement the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

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