DISCIPLINA foundation: a quick shift to blockchain

It is important to make blockchain shift away from traditional systems of personal academic and career achievements storage. To do so, we need to create such conditions that will allow both for the entry of new data on education and a gradual digitalization of the existing data.


To help the users of services that use the DISCIPLINA blockchain, the project team is planning to create the DISCIPLINA foundation - a non-profit organization.

The managers of this organization will individually deal with any issues related to validating data and digitalizing it, and will provide support with the integration of DISCIPLINA blockchain into other services.

The services that are connected to the DISCIPLINA network will be able to implement blockchain technologies into their projects, students, in turn, will be able to receive grades and qualifications via the educational app that records them on the blockchain, and educational institutions will receive additional income.


Both students and educational institutions will be able to monetize the data they store in the blockchain by providing the DISCIPLINA team with access to it. This data will later provide the basis for various research in the field of education.



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