It is widely known that the first language used for communication in universities was Latin. It is also the first language of science and literature — Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and other eminent people wrote their works in Latin.

While creating the concept of the first blockchain for the field of education, we decided that its name should be symbolic. We decided to look back on the first language of the European educational sphere — Latin. The word disciplina caught our eye, as it means learning, study, education.

What we called the tokens used in applications based on our blockchain is also symbolic. The main payment instrument is called DSCP (which is an abbreviation for DISCIPLINA), while a smaller payment unit was titled Logic, and there is a good reason for this as well.

Logic comes from the ancient Greek ‘logike’, meaning reasoning. Ancient Greek was another language that contributed to the development of science and literature. Since logic is the basis of our thinking, education without it is impossible.

Thus, we want to give a new meaning to the common but important words in our life.

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