DISCIPLINA pre-sale instruction

These are the instructions on how to purchase DSCP-tokens during the public presale.

To start working with the participant personal account, follow the steps below.

Step 1.Create a personal account, and read and agree with all terms and legal regulations of the campaign.

Step 2.Confirm your email address.

Step 3.Proceed to the “Buy tokens” section and apply for whitelisting. Here you can leave a comment with a couple of sentences explaining why you decided to participate in our tokensale, or apply to have your tokens temporarily locked*. Please note that the minimum purchase amount during the presale is set at 10 ETH.

Step 4.After your request is approved, you will be able to make purchases. Go back to “Buy tokens” and select a cryptocurrency for the transaction.

Step 5–7.You will be given a unique wallet address. Proceed to make your transaction in the selected cryptocurrency from your personal account or exchange.

Step 8.You will be able to withdraw DSCP-tokens only after you go through the KYC procedure. To do this, read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, and fill in your personal data.

Step 9.Take a photo with your document (a passport, an ID, or a driver’s license). Your face and the document should be clearly visible in this photo. It’s important to take a good quality photo, where all the letters and numbers are easily readable. Make sure that you don’t cover any data with your fingers.

Step 10.Verify your registration address. You can upload any document that contains your address, name and surname, and an official seal of the institution that issued the document, for example, a utility bill or a bank statement.

Step 11.Wait for your documents to be reviewed, which may take anywhere between 2 minutes and 24 hours.

Step 12.To withdraw tokens, follow the instructions in the “Withdraw tokens” section.

*You can receive an additional bonus of up to 6% by locking your tokens for a certain amount of time. The tokens you purchase will be attributed to a special timelock contract that will send the tokens to your wallet as soon as the lock time passes. Locking for every 4 months yields a 2% bonus. The maximum possible lock period is 1 year.


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