DISCIPLINA: project news

DISCIPLINA: project news

This year has been marked by a great abundance of events, meetings and partnerships. In this publication, we will

introduce the current news of the project; share our immediate plans and future perspectives.


DISCIPLINA and European University

The university will be the first educational institution conducting practical functional integration for educational data

verification of students developed by DISCIPLINA. This will allow students to create reliable resumes, and recruiters

won’t doubt the competencies of candidates.

DISCIPLINA and St. Petersburg State University

Together with the University, the DISCIPLINA team will implement another ambitious project called “Digital


DISCIPLINA and Saint-Petersburg Committee for Labor and Employment

DISCIPLINA team provides advice to the Committee on the use of digital technology in the field of professional


DISCIPLINA and Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science

DISCIPLINA team advises the Federal Service on the use of digital technology in the field of education.

Currently, the project team is in the process of discussing potential partnerships with several large companies, which

will be presented in the short term.


December 2018: Interview with DISCIPLINA co-founder Ilya Nikiforov for BaBiTe Channel.

February 2019: Ilya Nikiforov held a lecture on “The usage of the distributed ledger (blockchain technologies) in the

field of higher education and labor market” in the European University at Saint-Petersburg.

March 2019: Ilya Nikiforov participated in the Saint-Petersburg International Labor Forum. He hosted a lecture on

blockchain technologies in the spheres of education and recruitment, the problems of these spheres in the labor

market, and the required changes. 

July 2019: Ilya Nikiforov performed at the Educational Intensive “Island 10-22” in Skolkovo with a presentation of

the “Digital Profile” project, which is being undertaken jointly with St. Petersburg State University.

Until the end of 2019, the project team will take part in several major events, which will be announced on our website

and in social networks of DISCIPLINA. Keep up to date with our news!


In 2020, the established partnerships will unleash their potential. The launch of the TeachMePlease.com platform in

America, which is based on the development of DISCIPLINA, will take place at the beginning of the year. The

implementation of several projects with educational institutions as well as products for the field of education and

recruiting will be made available.


Stay with us!


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