DISCIPLINA & TeachMePlease

TeachMePlease began as a convenient tool for the structured presentation of data, a system of reliable ratings and reviews, with an effective infrastructure and blockchain technology built into the platform.

During the development process it became clear that the existing blockchain solutions are unsuitable for the planned functionality. Thus TeachMePlease have partnered with a team of experts to create a blockchain that would both be up to their own standards, and become a universal solution for any educational or HR-service.

DISCIPLINA will become a multifunctional open blockchain that can be used by any services to manage personal achievements, experiences and other data. It will provide the transparency of such services and create the conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of the information entered by the system participants. The DISCIPLINA blockchain will also be a perfect solution for all of the current educational and recruitment projects that are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

TeachMePlease will be the first project to use the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

Currently TeachMePlease provides the conditions for efficient and effective cooperation between academic institutions and private tutors, and their students. TeachMePlease has no territorial borders, which allows schools and private tutors from around the world to offer their programmes to potential students anywhere on the planet.

Integrating DISCIPLINA with TeachMePlease will offer the opportunity to test the technological solutions that are being integrated and that have not yet been implemented anywhere. It will also allow for feedback from the users of the project, as well as give us the opportunity to correct any processes if needed, and display all the capabilities of the new blockchain to the community in an already existing project.

We believe that we will become the drivers of change in the field of education and other related fields, and the other educational projects will value the solutions offered by DISCIPLINA and will use them for their needs.

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