DISCIPLINA is an ambitious project that requires a big team of professionals. Our team consists of 48 specialists that all around the world: Russia, the US, Canada, Estonia, Netherlands, South Korea, China, Spain.

The main office of the company is located in Saint-Petersburg, with two offices in the US and Estonia.

The project is managed by its founders and masterminds Ilya Nikiforov and Dmitry Gordovich, who have more than 15 years of successful business experience.

The DISCIPLINA team consists of 5 departments, and each of them is engaged in certain processes of project development.

The blockchain department consists of 10 experts, 7 of whom have experience in the development of the Cardano cryptocurrency. They are the ones developing a safe and reliable blockchain architecture and write the technical documentation.

The development department comprises 7 specialists. The frontend-developers work on the website interface to make it sleek and convenient, while the back-end developers deal with its functionality.

The PR/Marketing department is the biggest one, and consists of 16 specialists responsible for creating the content for social media, as well as project promotion, translating articles and technical documents. Our team has translators to and from English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish.

4 specialists in the Visual department create eye-catching design for our website, project documents, and photo and video content.

Office managers, moderators, sales and account managers are working in the Client services department. These 8 people provide community support 24/7.

The DISCIPLINA team is made up of 48 high-qualified, talented and ambitious specialists that have all the capabilites to implement this project successfully.

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