DISCIPLINA technological solutions

Appropriate technological solutions are required to assure the efficient work of any project. The solutions by DISCIPLINA will provide the confidentiality, reliability and credibility of the data, and also the opportunity to disclose the data under certain conditions.

To provide such opportunity, we developed the Data Disclosure Algorithm. When it comes to the sale of the private data, it is important to guarantee the integrity of such deals. Our team has developed the protocol that guarantees the transmission of the valid data in return for a transaction in cryptocurrency. When an educational institution sends data that has not been verified in the public blockchain (for example, if student’s grade was updated) to the buyer, the buyer doesn’t lose his money, but it is the educational institution that is fined a fixed amount. At the same time, there will be no disclosure of the transmitted data to third parties, since only the anonymised invalid part of the data has to be disclosed.

However, not all the students would agree to provide the access to their personal data. That is why any student will be able to fully or partially deny access to it. User personal data is stored on the private chains of the educational institutions. The public part of the network has only hashes of this data. Thus, private data remains reliable and safe at the same time.

The DISCIPLINA architecture stores the data on student academic achievement on the private chains of educational institutions. This could cause the problem of data unavailability in the event that that educational institution stops using the network or that their equipment malfunctions. DISCIPLINA solves this problem by also storing the copies of all the data in student’s personal profile — thus it will be easy to prove the authenticity of the data by accessing the old records in public chain and checking the hashes.

Another technological solution lies in the control of the validity of transactions in public chain. This will be done by so-called “Witnesses”. They will use a consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Stake technology, which provides the high speed and low price of transaction. The report on PoS algorithm actualisation is delineated in greater detail in the technical documentation of the project. The Witnesses, as in other cryptocurrencies, will be rewarded for the launch of each block with commission fees from transactions made in that block. The probability that the Witness will become the block-leader is proportional to the number of tokens on his account.

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