DISCIPLINA: Token technical pool

In classical pseudo-decentralised models, such as PoS with compulsory delegation, for example, the key organization is responsible for the entire community over a long period of time. The performance of the entire system depends on this organisation, and not on the community.

In order to ensure real decentralization, a technical token pool will be formed after the launch of MainNet. This will prevent one stakeholder to have more than a 50% share and thus could influence the functioning of the network. Technical pool will be formed in such a way that the share of tokens from the total volume of token issue will be 45%, and this will be distributed between three independent organisations.

The tokens of the technical pool will be gradually, with continuous deceleration, distributed between the users that are taking part in the work on and maintain of the platform (Witnesses). There will not be traditional PoW mining in this network. The process of mining in DISCIPLINA is referred to as ’minting’.

With the launch of MainNet, minting will become open to all users. The likelihood of receiving rewards, as well as their size, will depend on the amount of tokens in the user’s wallet. The difficulty of the minting and size of the reward will be changed dynamically.

Aside from the distribution of rewards from the technical pool, some users (Educators, Witnesses) will receive a part of the commission on trade to stored educational records.

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