DISCIPLINA will allow to create a unified register of qualifications and academic achievement

The field of education today is experiencing a wide range of issues that significantly affect the cooperation between educational institutions and their students as well as the educational processes and their results.

The problems occur when it comes to enrolling in a university. It is hard for students to choose an educational institution to study in, since there are no reliable reviews and objective ratings to trust, and the search for a suitable establishment can thus take a considerable time.

The fragmented nature of the data on academic achievements makes the situation even more complicated, since every educational institution records this data in its own way, making it more problematic to access and employ.

However, the biggest problem is the lack of trust in the educational system itself, as having a diploma nowadays is becoming less and less important. Far more important is having certain qualifications that can only be proved by test assignments.

All this results in the recruiters doubting the information stated in candidates’ CVs and the need to check it, spending considerable time and labour resources.

These issues require a solution that will unite useful tools and reliability and guarantee the credibility of the data. DISCIPLINA is that solution.

DISCIPLINA solutions

The team of the DISCIPLINA project decided to create the first blockchain that allows to keep a unified register of academic achievements and qualifications, and to generate a personal score. It will ensure the transparency of platform’s activity and create the conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by system participants.

Since the blockchain will store confidential information such as personal data, grades and test results, none of the existing solutions suits its needs. That is why the project team is creating their own blockchain architecture that will provide the transparency and confidentiality of the stored data they need.

The reason why DISCIPLINA is being developed as a private-public blockchain is that it is the only way to guarantee the safety of the users’ personal data and materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality. The private segment will only make the hash of the stored data available to the public, while the public segment will provide the access to the data thatis required to confirm the integrity of the network and credibility of the information stored onit.

Thanks to the use of blockchain, the data on personal achievements will be stored in digital form, providing access to this data through a unified platform and guaranteeing its permanence and verifiability.

This will allow for efficient cooperation between recruiters and students, since the data stated in their CVs will be trustworthy. There will be no need to provide additional resources to create and check the skill evaluation tests.

Recruiters will also be provided with a useful tool that will help them to search for candidates according to their qualifications and fields of expertise.

Students, in turn, will be able to more easily choose the educational institution due to the objectiveness of the ratings and reviews, and establish a clear career path.

DISCIPLINA is being developed as an open-source blockchain: any project in the field of education and recruitment can create their own applications and implement DISCIPLINA in their activity. The first project to employ this blockchain will be TeachMePlease — this is where DISCIPLINA originates.

Project team

The project is being implemented by the TeachMePlease platform developers from Saint-Petersburg in partnership with Serokell — an international developer of distributed systems that participated in the development of the Cardano cryptocurrency.

TeachMePlease is a marketplace that gives educational institutions and private tutors the opportunity to publish their educational programs and courses, and students — to search for an educational program they need.

In the future, after being integrated with DISCIPLINA, TeachMePlease will be a multifunctional platform with useful tools that will help both teachers and their students effectively manage the educational processes .

In July 2018 the DISCIPLINA project has successfully run its tokensale and reached the hardcap.

The project team is currently continuing their work on the blockchain development, and the project alpha-version is planned to be released in the near future.

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