Do we really need higher education?

Young people all over the world are striving toward higher education in order to be employed in a reputable company, such as Google. However, the significance of higher education is fading day by day and therefore the world is now paying more attention to the necessity of changes in a conventional understanding of what a career is.

According to an article on Business Insider,  prominent business representatives began questioning themselves about the need for university education. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook argues that most educational institutions don’t provide their students with skills that are currently essential for some significant business areas.

More and more reputable companies are hiring employees based on their skills. The main criteria these companies establish for their candidates are professionalism and punctuality, which depend on candidates’ qualification, skills, and knowledge and not on the degree they obtain.
The LinkedIn project team conducted their own research and made a list of the positions that do not require candidates to have a degree. The list includes, among others, positions in technical and marketing spheres.

Ilya Nikiforov, the co-founder of DISCIPLINA, has been talking about this situation in interviews back in 2017 when the project had just begun. He believes that one of the biggest issues of today is the fact that the education and recruiting spheres are so isolated from each other. This prevents students from getting an education that can actually help them to be employed. That is why more and more people enroll in professional development courses to upgrade their skills.

A university degree is not a must anymore. It is more important to search for a new educational model that will resolve the issue of quality training of young specialists. This is especially important in the world of rapidly progressing automatization that is expected to displace a quarter of the workforce in the years to come. We believe that one of the possible solutions can be the implementation of a unified system that will allow for the cooperation between participants of the education and recruiting spheres.

Such a system will give students the opportunity to find out what skills are necessary to be employed by a reputable company as well as the chance to establish a study plan that will help them develop the expertise required. This unified system will also allow employers and recruiters to analyze candidates’ CVs more quickly and effectively, which will reduce companies’ costs.


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