Education. Problems and solutions.

Education is becoming more available and decentralised, and as a result of this the students and teachers are facing both unquestionable benefits, and the issues connected with these developments.


Lack of trust in the quality of education. The large number of educational programmes on the market gives the opportunity to select education that suits the student on many variables. However, this also creates the issue of lack of trust in the reputation of the school or the teacher, especially if they are novices in their field. There is also the risk that the organisations are paying for positive reviews of their activity, and are driving up the ratings on different online services.


Lack of an unlimited search. The development of information technology is erasing the boundaries between countries, including in the field of education. However, there is currently no structured information registry online that would include all the educational services provided by schools and private tutors around the world.


Reliable educational document storage. The concept of lifelong learning is becoming more and more popular: people are gaining skills and knowledge necessary for personal and professional growth, receiving additional education alongside primary learning, studying at work for career enhancement and occupational retraining. Some schools issue paper diplomas and certificates, which are easily forged, lost, and spoiled, but difficult to replace. Electronic certificates are a more reliable way to store data, if they are not located exclusively on a personal computer. These documents can be stored online in different personal accounts, which limits third-party access; furthermore, storing such documentation in centralised systems, which constitute the majority of those online, does not eliminate the risk of loss.


Lack of lesson organisation tools. Teachers do not have access to an easy-to-use service for lesson planning and management, and student communication. There still remains the need to routinely conduct paperwork, despite the fact that most educational programmes are standardised. There are no simple tools for planning lessons or compiling final examinations, which takes up teachers' time and makes the teaching process less effective.


Difficult payment process. Not all educational organisations and teachers give the opportunity to quickly purchase a selected course online: some only accept cash or a transfer to a specified wallet, which takes up students' time. International transactions require the collection of documentation, verification letters, and the payment of commission to banks, which stands in the way of international cooperation between students, teachers, and schools.


Unequal opportunities for organisations and private tutors. The educational market has players of all sizes, which have unequal opportunities for self-presentation and integration of new tools into their activity.


State educational institutions, private schools and learning centres, companies that organise seminars, conferences, corporate learning, tutors, and students - they will all be able to join our educational platform, which will be built using blockchain technology.


Our solutions


TeachMePlease is an already functioning platform where students can find private lessons or courses at a school, compare their prices and programmes, and enroll in courses by paying online, without having to deal with a third party. We are planning to develop tools that will simplify cooperation between students, teachers and educational organisations:


-          Register of academic achievement. Distributed register based upon a decentralised blockchain platform will include the data on all course and programme completion, academic performance, and rating of educational institutions attended. At the end of the course every student will receive a 100% verified e-certificate, which is impossible to misplace or forge. Recruiters will be able to purchase access to the student’s academic achievement register (with the student's consent) and to hire employees without any doubts about their academic history.


-          Unified “educational” TMPT token. TMPT token is a step towards the decentralisation of the educational market. Using the TMPT token will allow students to pay for courses, and teachers to receive their payment for the educational services provided, and spend those tokens on additional services. The TMPT token will make territorial borders and jurisdictions obsolete. You will be able to enroll in English courses with a native speaker from New York while in Samara.


-          Map of your professional interests. After registering on the TeachMePlease platform, every student will be offered a test, which will help create that student’s map of professional interests. Student will be offered to take this test from time to time to keep the information on the map up to date. As a result, the platform will form a database of students’ professional interests, and educational organisations will be aware of the most popular fields of study among students.


-          Student rating. Students will each have a rating, scoring points based on their academic achievement, number of hours spent learning, their teachers' rating or the rating of the school where students received their education.


-          Rating of teachers and schools. Teacher’s ratings will be formed according to student grades and academic achievement, and publication citations. School ratings will be formed based on the rating of their teachers, the academic achievements of its graduates, and other information, such as that school's participation in different academic events, which can help to assess the attractiveness of the school for prospective students.


-          Lesson planning tools for teachers. We are developing tools for managing and compiling lesson plans, creating educational materials, and testing.


TeachMePlease will simplify the cooperation between teachers and students worldwide. Through our easy-to-use tools we offer the opportunity to learn regardless of location, to select a school or teacher based on their rating, to store your academic history, grades, and qualifications in your cloud. Schools and teachers will find a platform, on which payment transactions with their students will be safe, and lesson planning easy. Recruiters will have an easier time verifying the validity of diplomas and certificates, and rating the candidate's quality of knowledge and true level of commitment to lifelong learning.


TeachMePlease will be the first project in the field of education that will function based on the Disciplina blockchain platform. We expect that quality change will be effected in the field of education and other related fields through our solution: other educational projects will value our solution of the issue of data confidentiality and information authenticity, and will likewise start using Disciplina for their needs.


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