Q: Why does the average user of the TeachMePlease project need blockchain?

Ilya Nikiforov: First of all, it guarantees the validity of the data – there is a high trust placed in blockchain technology. Secondly, the system based on blockchain is decentralized. Since the goal of the TeachMePlease project is to unify all the courses and data on education, the implementation of blockchain will give the opportunity to store educational results in one resource without running any risk of their loss.

Blockchain will make it easier for everyone to find a job, because it increases the trust in the user’s academic history. It will bring back the motivation to gain new knowledge, not just to get a diploma. Blockchain is supposed not only to store the data on the skills obtained at university, but also the skills obtained after graduation. We believe that education continues throughout your life, for instance in gaining new experience at work. It will simplify the search of a suitable candidate for an employer as well. 

DISCIPLINA will also provide students with the opportunity to build the career they have always dreamed of. If you want to work in Microsoft, just set that goal our the system, and it will give you the clear guidance on how to achieve that goal: for instance, which university you should attend, which courses you should enroll in, which skills you need to have, etc.

Q: Imagine there was a mistake in the data recorded in the blockchain. How can it be changed?

Ilya Nikiforov: The data recorded in blockchain becomes unalterable at the moment when the headline of the private block gets entered into the public chain. If mistakes occur during the data input, the software will give you the opportunity to cancel the transaction and go back to data input. The decision to publish the block headline is taken by the educational institution itself. Student grades are fixed at that point, and students receive the cryptographical proofs of the validity of the grades recorded in this block. Later on, if students want to increase the grades, they can take the course or lesson again (with the educational institution’s permission). In this case, the blockchain records both grades.

Q: What difficulties did you face while preparing for the DISCIPLINA ICO?

Ilya Nikiforov: There were a lot of issues actually. For instance, there have been many impostors, whose activities damaged the credibility of trustworthy projects like ours. We’ve also had to deal with the exaggerated significance of some channels and the extremely high prices for the advertisement services they provide, and the market volatility in general.

Dealing with the combination of these issues wasn’t an unpleasant experience. We’ve had to face lots of obstacles, from the difficulties of project promotion due to the lack of opportunities to do so, to the fact that the launching of an ICO isn’t legally regulated, making the market quite unstable. 

Q: What is the connection between TeachMePlease, your other current project, and the DISCIPLINA blockchain? Why do they need each other?

Ilya Nikiforov: Well, the development of blockchain was planned since the very beginning. I have experienced the problems in the field of education firsthand, particularly the lack of a single service where you could find any course you might need. So I decided to create this resource myself.

When I continued looking closely at the field of education, I realized that it faces more significant issues to be solved. For example, the certificates received by the completion of the course don’t help the students in any way, and the value of academic education is constantly decreasing. Young people go to university just to receive a diploma and not for the knowledge. They don’t see the correlation between good education and earning a higher income. When looking for jobs, people have to go through interviews and test tasks, constantly needing to prove the value of the knowledge they had earned at university.

Blockchain will allow you to store the history of your qualifications in one place, and make the data 100% reliable. You’ll also be able to generate a sort of “score”, where one can see the complete history of a person’s skills and qualifications. On the one hand, it sounds a bit scary, but I believe that the whole world is going to be digitalized soon. I think that the field of education is what needs these changes the most.

Q: What can blockchain technology offer the field of education?

Ilya Nikiforov: First of all, blockchain will help restore value to the education you get. If all of the data on your qualifications contributes to a total score, you won’t have to prove your knowledge at job interviews, because they will be verified in blockchain.

Blockchain will also lower the paperwork pressure on educational institutions. If the data is recorded in blockchain, the need to confirm that the person studied at a particular university will disappear – all of the necessary data will be digitalized and easily accessible.

Source: ICO Glory

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