Ilya Nikiforov on the role of blockchain in DISCIPLINA

“Blockchain, while still in its infancy, has opened up the possibilities we never knew could exist. Think of what the world will be like when this technology reaches its full potential!”

The launch of an educational project called TeachMePlease was a significant contribution to the development of DISCIPLINA. Initially, it was planned to simply implement blockchain technology into an already existing marketplace. However, it later became clear that the field of education and recruitment requires a unique solution — the development of its own blockchain. That is why DISCIPLINA will be the first blockchain for HR & Education.

We aim to create a multifunctional blockchain that will allow to keep a unified register of academic achievement and qualifications and to generate a scoring system for every user. Our team believes that DISCIPLINA will solve many issues that emerge in the structure of the educational and recruiting fields.

DISCIPLINA provides the transparency of the activity of the project and creates the conditions to maintain confidentiality and reliability of information added by the users of the system. The project doesn’t employ any other blockchain architecture. We are creating our own blockchain architecture that is specifically tailored for the demands of the educational and recruiting fields.

This is due to the fact that the existing blockchain solutions are unsuitable for the planned functionality of the project. Public blockchains keep their transactions in open access, which is unacceptable for the system that stores confidential information. At the same, private blockchain solutions cannot provide enough transparency of the data stored on them.

DISCIPLINA is being developed as an open-source blockchain to be used as a foundation for anyone to develop their own applications. We believe that DISCIPLINA will provide each participant with useful tools for both teaching and learning.

The situation on technological market today does not allow for any one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, there is a huge demand for numerous chains designed specifically to address the scalability, performance and privacy needs of particular domains. These chains can be glued together by various multi-chain projects so that they can seamlessly communicate with each other without the need for a trusted party. There are also decentralized exchanges plugged into this ecosystem, so that the assets of different types can be easily converted. DISCIPLINA fits this ecosystem by being an ideal blockchain solution for education and recruitment — one of the major domains that can really harness the opportunities that blockchain provides.

The private sale of the project is coming to its conclusion. The Tokensale will launch in the middle of July, 2018.

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