Important information for the DISCIPLINA tokensale participants!

The tokensale DISCIPLINA lasts until July 19, 2018.
All participants must go through the KYC procedure and provide their Withdrawal addresses in the relevant section of dashboard until July 31. 
The tokens will be transferred to the specified address after the transaction audit by August 20, 2018.

These conditions are obligatory to follow. Otherwise, you WON’T BE ABLE to withdraw your tokens through the dashboard.

Attention! If you don’t pass KYC procedure or fail to provide the Withdrawal address in time, your tokens will be transferred to a temporary address where they will be stored until September 20, 2018. Unclaimed tokens will be burnt.

Token transactions between the addresses are prohibited until August 21, 2018 unless the participant has chosen the option of locking his tokens.
Tokens awarded for participating in bounty, airdrop and other promotional campaigns will be locked for 1 month (until September 20, 2018).

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