Latest updates to Alpha-version: Student App

The DISCIPLINA team is happy to inform you that the development of our blockchain doesn’t stand still. The DISCIPLINA blockchain architecture is constantly being fitted with new functions, while the team is fixing bugs and adding new code lines on Github.

To demonstrate the functions of the DISCIPLINA blockchain and get users familiar with it, the project team decided to launch the blockhain’s Alpha-version that consists of the demo-apps based on DISCIPLINA nodes.

We keep to the schedule and at the end of the third quarter of 2018, we launched one more demo-app - Student App.
It allows:

  • to review the academic history of all the educational institutions a student has ever studied at;
  • to review the assignments given by their teachers;
  • to upload completed assignments for grading;

The app exchanges data with the DISCIPLINA blockchain via an open-source Node-API that allows any user to freely develop their Student App fork or integrate it into an already existing educational app.

The current demo version of the Student App interacts with an automatic Educator bot and provides basic functionality, such as viewing student’s courses, assignments, and grades. 

Stay tuned!

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