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Fake doctors, dentists and lawyers will soon be exposed courtesy of a world-first Blockchain platform that will verify personal profiles with academic and professional achievements.

Tech startup DISCIPLINA will showcase its academic verification technology at the ‘Tech in Asia’ event in Singapore this week.

“Academic fraud is a serious and potentially life-threatening issue, particularly if the degree that’s been faked is in the medical field. DISCIPLINA will make it virtually impossible for anyone to fake their credentials,” said DISCIPLINA founder and CEO Ilya Nikiforov.

DISCIPLINA will be the mechanism for uniting the records of large universities, small institutes, schools and online educational platforms to a publicly verifiable Blockchain.

“It is absurd that printed academic transcripts are still the primary way to authenticate a person’s qualifications. DISCIPLINA will change this by using Blockchain technology to verify qualifications while still maintaining confidentiality and the reliability of information,” said Mr Nikiforov.

The rise of online education has amplified the issue of bogus qualifications. Earlier this year a BBC investigation found that thousands of UK nationals had bought fake degrees from a “diploma mill” in Pakistan.

More than 3-thousand fake qualifications were sold to UK-based buyers between 2013 and 2014, including master’s degrees, doctorates and PhDs.

“We are transforming the way educational records are generated, stored and accessed. It is going to make the recruitment process easier and more transparent,” said Mr Nikiforov.

The Disciplina team is punctuated by world-renowned developers that formerly worked on Hong Kong-based Cardano — a top ten cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than US$9 billion.

“Education technology is a rapidly growing market that’s ripe for disruption. We are seeing universities all around the world begin to offer courses in Blockchain technology in addition to implementing Blockchain in their operations,” said Mr Nikiforov.

The long term vision for the platform is to allow for candidates to be ranked on their education and credentials.

“We are developing a unique scoring and rating system that will rank skills, grades, job history and success,” said Mr Nikiforov.

The DISCIPLINA platform will also play a role in authenticating online courses, starting with the integration of the ‘TeachMePlease’ app. which already has 20,000 registered classes.

DISCIPLINA is seeking to raise US$15 million in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to complete the development of its platform.

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