New Airdrop is Already Here!

Airdrop Rules

  1. Create a personal account on the website:https://account.disciplina.io — You will need to pass KYC. Fill in the email registered with on the form.
  2. This airdrop has three entries: telegramtwitteryoutube.
  3. For each channel joined you will receive 1 DSCP token — by joining/following all three channels you will receive an extra 1 DSCP giving a total of 4 DSCP.
  4. Fill in the form at 
  5. Tokens will be added to the balance of your personal account on the platform, after the crowdsale. More information about this will be announced later. To receive DSCP tokens, you will have to remain a member/follower of the channel(s)/page entered.
  6. ONE form submission per person ONLY — double submissions will result in a disqualification of ALL entries. This will be found out during KYC. Residents from almost every country are allowed to join. For US participants: this is for accredited investors only, as you will have to pass KYC on the crowdsale platform.
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