Next Chymia Consulting - new DISCIPLINA’s partner with the same beliefs

We are pleased to announce that Next Chymia Consulting has joined the list of DISCIPLINA’s partner companies. Next Chymia Consulting is a group of professionals who has an international network of Blockchain technology and financial service. Company's activity is intended to grow the community by helping commercial ventures to revolutionize their industries using the blockchain technology.

Widespread introduction of blockchain technology has transformed the way how we look at technology infrastructure. Today parties around the globe have the opportunity to take joint decisions without the need for a trusted party. Next Chymia Consulting discovers new ways of equality by providing full support and consultancy throughout the process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into already existing company's network.

DISCIPLINA together with Next Chymia Consulting believes that use of blockchain technology in all spheres will open the door wide for new commercial opportunities and development. DISCIPLINA’s team welcomes the opportunity to be a part of a company's support program for innovative startups which use blockchain technology. We are confident that support of Next Chymia Consulting professionals will help DISCIPLINA to achieve its objectives.

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