PRE-SALE TeachMePlease

On 27 November 2017 starts the PRE-SALE of the project in educational sphere TeachMePlease for which is being developed blockchain platform Disciplina.

Objectives of the project TeachMePlease:

  • creation of the system of tools for an effective interaction between educational institutions, teachers and students;
  • formation of the high-quality worldwide base of educational institutions and their programs;
  • maintenance of the reliable rating of educational institutions and teachers;
  • storage of information about grades that have ever been given, about issued documents which confirm completion of any kind of training.

Teach Me Please doesn`t have territorial boundaries and already today provides a base of courses offered by educational institutions and private tutors to all those who wish to study.

Blockchain platform Disciplina ensures transparency and creates conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of the information provided by members of the system.

Architecture of the platform Disciplina which is being developed uses all the opportunities of blockchain technology and modern trends in IT and distributed systems. It is an absolute universal blockchain platform for all educational projects.


Project is being implemented by the team of programmers from Saint-Petersburg in conjunction with Serokell - an international developer of distributed systems.


Terms of the pre-sale: +30%, you should submit an application in whitelist on the site https://teachmeplease.io.

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