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TeachMePlease is an international platform for the cooperation between educational institutions, tutors and students. This project helps students find and immediately pay for courses, registered by educational organizations or teachers. We can already offer our clients the services of an EdTech platform, but we are moving further. During the course of building this platform we have studied the issues faced by the members of the field of education, and have come to the conclusion that the field itself needs fundamental changes.

The idea for the project was conceived in 2015, when Ilya Nikiforov, the company founder, was travelling along the West Coast of the United States, and tried to find surfing courses to enroll in. However, he faced a range of problems. After 3 hours of a long and fruitless search it became obvious that it is very difficult to find current and reliable information about the course you are interested in, to organize education on your holiday or a business trip, or to enroll in a course online without dealing with a manager.

Upon his return in St Petersburg, Ilya looked at the situation on the Russian educational market and developed the idea of a service, which will allow students to find courses not only near them but anywhere in the world. Being an experienced IT entrepreneur, Ilya conceptualized the project and put together a team. Project development started on 18 July 2016. Three months later the first working prototype of the platform was created, and on 4 December 2016 the public working version of the website was launched.

Today there are around 20,000 educational courses created on the TeachMePlease platform. The system is user-friendly: users can compare course programmes and their prices without leaving to a third-party site, course descriptions are simple and clear, cooperation between teachers, educational organizations and students is automated, and managers only get involved in contentious cases. We launched the TeachMePlease project in Russia, and are testing the version of the platform localized and adapted for the North American market. We are also planning to enter the European market shortly. We are not stopping platform development, and are continuing to implement new options, corresponding to the latest trends in the IT and EdTech fields. Our aim is to optimize platform functions according to user feedback and needs.

Why are we creating an educational platform?

The fourth industrial revolution will create new professions. According to a report by Future of Jobs, 65% of current primary school students will have jobs, which don’t exist at the moment. Formal education in schools, colleges and universities is still providing students with the methods of the 20th century. These do not foster talent for the future. Lifelong education is becoming more and more relevant — due to the technological progress industries and professions are constantly changing, forcing their employees to adapt to these transformations. Lifelong education will make it easier to develop both culturally and professionally, and keeping your knowledge and skills up to date will help you find a job under constantly changing requirements on the labour market. All of these are reasons to further develop lifelong education programmes.

Our mission is to create a system for effective communication between schools, teachers, and students; to form a quality worldwide database of schools and their courses; to maintain reliable ratings of schools and teachers; to store all of the data on grades and certificates. Our specialists, in partnership with Serokell, an international distributed systems developer, will create Disciplina, a blockchain platform that will ensure the transparency of TeachMePlease and provide the conditions to maintain confidentiality and authenticity of the information entered by system members. The Disciplina platform architecture is unique, and other educational projects will be able to utilize it in the future.

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