The first blockchain to create a unified personal profile of academic and professional achievements

The TeachMePlease team of developers from Saint-Petersburg in partnership with Serokell, an international developer of distributed systems that participated in the development of the Cardano cryptocurrency, is creating DISCIPLINA — a brand new blockchain. It will allow to create a unified profile of verified academic and career achievements.

The idea to create such a blockchain emerged as a development plan for TeachMePlease — a marketplace that has since 2016 offered educational institutions and private tutors the opportunity to advertise their programmes and courses, and students — the chance to search for any course they might need.

Initially it was planned to transform TeachMePlease into a blockchain platform, but the deeper the team delved into the problematics of the fields of education and recruitment, the clearer it became that a more drastic change — a specialised blockchain — was needed.

DISCIPLINA will have its own blockchain architecture because of the need to store the confidential information such as personal data, grades and test results, and since none of the existing solutions suit the needs of the project. Transactions of public blockchain solutions are stored in open access, which is unacceptable, while private blockchain solutions cannot provide enough transparency of the data stored on them.

The project team is working on special technological solutions to create a blockchain specifically tailored for the needs of its users. For example, DISCIPLINA is being developed as a private-public blockchain to guarantee the safety of personal user data and materials that are protected by copyright or commercial confidentiality. The private part will only make the hashes of the stored data available to the public, while the public part will provide the access to the data that is required to confirm the integrity of the network and credibility of the information stored on it.

Also of note is DISCIPLINA’s inbuilt Web of Trust that allows the users themselves to set the level of trust in each other. This technology will help protect the system from fictitious educational institutions. Each user will be able to choose the system participants they trust. The level of trust in the other system members will be calculated individually for each user.

DISCIPLINA will allow to digitally store the data on personal and professional achievements. Access to this data will be provided through a unified platform, making cooperation between all participants of the educational and recruiting markets more effective. It will help students establish a clear career path and allow recruiters to search for candidates according to their achievements and fields of expertise.

DISCIPLINA is an open-source blockchain: any educational or recruiting service will be able to use this blockchain in their projects. The first project to employ the DISCIPLINA blockchain will be TeachMePlease, where its development began.

The DISCIPLINA project has successfully conducted a token sale in July 2018, reaching the hardcap. Currently, the team continues to develop the blockchain, and the release of the alpha version, where the basic infrastructure of the DISCIPLINA test network will be realised, is scheduled for the end of August.

For the use of the network, the team is developing ‘Faucet’, where any user will be able to generate a wallet and receive test DSCP tokens, and ‘Blockexplorer’, which will allow transactions to be verified and tracked.

At this stage of the development, the alpha-version does not involve integration with educational institutions, but will simply be a test for the backend of the actual blockchain and of the innovative technologies employed by the developers.

Follow our news on the project’s official website: https://disciplina.io/.

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