The guarantee of safe data disclosure

The DISCIPLINA project aims to make the working conditions of educational institutions and teachers as convenient and beneficial as possible by providing them with the opportunity to monetize the data on student academic achievement. DISCIPLINA will allow recruiters to search for verified records on education and pay for the access to the data on specialists they are interested in.
To implement this idea correctly, it is necessary to consider every detail and provide protection from fraud, since there is a risk that any educational institution may start selling falsified data to recruiters.
Such situations can be avoided if there is a trusted intermediary that can observe the data transfer and hold the money. It is also possible to use an “optimistic fair exchange” algorithm for these purposes, where the intermediary acts as a judge and does not always have to be online.
The implementation of a data exchange protocol without an intermediary is a more complicated task. In such situations, the integrity of data exchange is only probabilistic. The specificity of these protocols is that two parties exchange chunks of data, increasing the certainty that the other party plays fair. 

The DISCIPLINA team had a goal to develop a protocol of data exchange that doesn’t require a trusted intermediary and at the same time guarantees the absence of fraudulent actions from both parties. To do this, the project team decided to employ blockchain technologies.

In the next article, we will tell you about the technological implementation of the DISCIPLINA data disclosure protocol.

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