The idea of DISCIPLINA: how it originated

The DISCIPLINA project has made significant progress and continues to develop. Today, we would like to recall how it all began.

A few years ago, Ilya Nikiforov, the company founder, was travelling along the West Coast of the United States. He decided to take surfing courses and started to search for the most suitable ones online. Having spent considerable time, Ilya faced the issue of fragmented information, since there was no single resource where one could find any course they need. He decided to take its development into his own hands — that is how the TeachMePlease marketplace was created.

Analyzing the education situation and working on the project development, it has become clear that there are a lot of other critical issues to be resolved, including the invalidity of post-course certificates and the low value of academic education. Young people enroll in university to get a diploma, seeing no direct correlation between their education and further career development. It thus causes a lack of trust by employers and recruiters in the candidates’ qualifications — if someone studies just to check the box, it is unlikely that they will become a qualified specialist.

Ilya has realized that creating a single resource is not enough, and it is necessary to create something that will make quality changes in the spheres of education and recruiting. Thus, the TeachMePlease team decided to create its own blockchain to generate a unified profile of verified academic and professional achievements and qualifications.

That is how the story of the DISCIPLINA blockchain project began. We will provide more details on its development in our upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!

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