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It is easy today to encounter a great number of educational institutions that either provide low-quality services or are fictitious. The DISCIPLINA project is being created specifically to prevent such institutions from appearing.


To do this, the project team will implement a Web of Trust (analogous to PGP) into the network protocol. Web of Trust will help system participants set their levels of trust in each other.

Thanks to the implementation of this protocol, DISCIPLINA will have no “verification centres” that have an unlimited right to register or, vice versa, refuse the registration of an educational institution.

This system will help recruiters understand which educational institutions are worth cooperating with and which are not. The value of the grade given to a student will depend on the rating of the educational institution at the time the grade was awarded. Thus, it will be easier for people to choose an educational institution, since they will rely on verified reviews and quality ratings.

To understand how participant rating is formed in DISCIPLINA, let’s imagine that several educational institutions (A, B and C) and recruiters (D and E) registered in the system.

A and B are reputable universities that recognize each others’ diplomas, which are highly evaluated by recruiter D. However, the diplomas of university C are only worth the trust of recruiter E.


To calculate the total rating, we need to choose participants whose reputation is undoubted - these are university A (a recognized leader in the field we are interested in) and recruiter D (a company that is famous for its demanding candidate selection). University B will be added to our web of trust automatically, while participants C and E will be considered as untrustworthy.



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