User mutual payments and prices in DSCP

Despite the fact that technically the transactions between ecosystem members will be done in token form, the account balance and course prices will be displayed in fiduciary currencies and will be automatically converted to DSCP tokens according to the current exchange rate.

Users will be able to pay for the courses and lessons in tokens, and make payments to another user or to an exchange.

Services that integrate the DISCIPLINA blockchain into their technological processes will be able to use native tokens or any other financial infrastructure for their transactions.

Thanks to the TeachMePlease partnership with Cryptopay, all of our users have the opportunity to get a free payment card for immediate conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money.

The card’s account will be linked to the balance in the user’s personal profile on the platform. The user can view their balance and manage it via the mobile app. This allows TeachMePlease to provide our users with a convenient tool, which will be useful in everyday life.


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