Who can use DISCIPLINA

Since the DISCIPLINA project is being developed specifically for the education and recruiting spheres, it is people and institutions that participate in these fields that will benefit most from the system.

For instance, any educational institutions and private teachers will be able to register on DISCIPLINA to provide educational services. These are state and private offline and online organizations, tutors, educational centers for children, instructors, teachers, coaches, universities, academies etc.

Thanks to DISCIPLINA, they will have the opportunity to store the data on their students’ academic achievement in a single resource that prevents data loss or forgery. It will also be possible to provide recruiters with the access to this data with the consent of students, which will be a perfect opportunity for educational institutions to receive additional income.


Any person that is studying or would like to find an educational programme for themselves or for their friends and family can register on DISCIPLINA as a student to study or to post information on their academic and career achievements.

They will be able to find high-quality educational opportunities with the help of reliable ratings of educational institutions, as well as to create a verified CV and to establish a clear career path.


HR-agencies, private HR-agents, platforms for personnel search, employers and entrepreneurs will be able to register on DISCIPLINA as recruiters to get access to trustworthy information on candidates’ education and achievements.


Thus, it will be much easier for these users to select candidates, as their CVs will be completely transparent and reliable.

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