Your last chance to pass KYC

Hello, community!

We have finished our tokensale two months ago. Since then, everyone wishing to receive DSCP tokens should have gone through the KYC procedure and got the opportunity to withdraw their tokens. However, we still continue receiving your requests to pass KYC.

The KYC option has become available at the beginning of May, and its deadline was set on July 31, ten days after the end of the tokensale. We predicted that not everyone will be able to go through it on time, that is why we decided to do everyone a favour and postponed the deadline till August 10.

We assumed that this amount of time would be enough. However, to our deep regret, many participants ignored our deadlines and asked us to postpone the KYC once again. We agreed to do so and set the date on September 20. We supposed that this deadline will be the final one. We were mistaken - today is September 24, but we are still receiving letters from those who were late.

In this regard, we would like to ask EVERYONE who participated in our campaign to go through KYC till Oсtober 1 - this will be the LAST DAY to do this. Otherwise, your tokens will be destroyed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: @tchmpls


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