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How DISCIPLINA will change the education sphere

Education affects our lives and our professional and personal development. However, it is complicated to find an educational institution that provides high-quality services. That is why we either have to rely on online reviews or choose by trial and error. Sometimes you even have to do both, since the reviews can be easily falsified. Moreover, if 20 years ago a person that obtained a degree was considered a specialist with all the required skills, nowadays this is not the case. We have gotten used to the idea that a diploma is just a bullet point in our CVs that is meant to help our career. What is more important is to have necessary competencies, as you can survive without having a diploma. Thus, people prefer to develop their skills either practically or by taking intensive courses rather than by putting significant time and effort into studying at university. Sometimes people consider buying a diploma to be easier than getting it themselves and gaining experience to later become a d

DISCIPLINA: Web of Trust

  DISCIPLINA is an open-source blockchain. Any educational or recruiting service will be able to use it in their projects that store and process the personal data. To protect the system from fictitious educational institutions, DISCIPLINA has an inbuilt Web of Trust, analogous to PGP, in its protocol. Each user will be able to choose the system participants they trust. The level of trust in the other system members will be calculated individually for each user. Our network thus has no “verification centres”, which have an unlimited right to register or refuse the registration of an educational institution. Our Web Of Trust will allow recruiters to know which educational institutions are worth cooperating with and which are not. The value of the grade given to the student will depend on the rating of the educational institution at the time the grade was awarded.

DISCIPLINA and Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science

  The DISCIPLINA team continues to develop the project and establish partnerships. One of the events that have contributed to the project development is Ilya Nikiforov’s recent participation in the working group on research in the sphere of education and implementation of BIG DATA approaches for the needs of the education system of the Russian Federation. The working group is directed by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science and consists of civil servants, which makes the DISCIPLINA project the only representative of the business sphere. This is a significant event, since it helps us take a step closer towards achieving the main goal of DISCIPLINA - making quality changes in the spheres of education and recruitment.