Press release: DISCIPLINA announced the new dates of ICO main stageCurrent news for the DISCIPLINA community DISCIPLINA and HOQU affiliate programDue to the DISCIPLINA and HOQU affiliate program, all owners of HOQU tokens will get 30 DSCP tokens for free.DISCIPLINA at Blockchain cocktail by HOQU03.21.2018 The Flat NYC - Event Space 23 W 24th ST New York, NY 10010DISCIPLINA: Token technical poolIn order to ensure real decentralization, a technical token pool will be formed after the launch of MainNet.DISCIPLINA foundationIt is a non-profit organization created to help the users of services that use DISCIPLINA.New advisor: Antonio Menéndez SierraAntonio is a professional in fields of employer branding, recruiting and HR. He has vast experience in coaching.DISCIPLINA: nameWhy we decided to call our blockchain DISCIPLINANew advisor: Jason KingCo-founder of the world’s first Blockchain Academy. Jason is a pioneer in applying blockchain technology to humanitarian work.New advisor: Alexey ShmonovDISCIPLINA has new advisor Alexey Shmonov!DISCIPLINA technological solutionsAppropriate technological solutions are required to assure the efficient work of any project. Cointelegraph about DISCIPLINACrowdsale For DISCIPLINA – The First Blockchain For Education And HRImplementation of blockchain technologies on the marketThere are currently several projects on the market that are developing blockchain architecture for the field of education. ICO Glory: DISCIPLINAInterview with Ilya Nikiforov – DISCIPLINA’s co-founderDISCIPLINA at D10e3-6 March, Seoul, South Korea DISCIPLINA & TeachMePleaseTeachMePlease began as a convenient tool for the structured presentation of data, a system of reliable ratings and reviews, with an effective infrastructure and blockchain technology built into the platform. How DISCIPLINA worksDISCIPLINA is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the fields of education and recruitment.DISCIPLINA MilestonesDISCIPLINA — the first educational blockchain, under development by TeachMePlease.DISCIPLINA at Token FestMarch 15 & 16, 2018 | The Palace Of Fine Arts Theatre San Francisco, CADISCIPLINA FAQ. Part 1Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions DISCIPLINA first win in ICO-battleDISCIPLINA team at Blockchain Conference St.Petersburg.Ilya Nikiforov: Blockchain to rid education system of chaosBlockchain will rid the education sector from corruption and return value to knowledge, according to Ilya Nikiforov, a co-founder of the DISCIPLINA platform and the TeachMePlease educational project, who has spoken at Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg. We have discussed with him blockchain advantages in education.DISCIPLINA Token AirDropDo you want to get free DSCP tokens?Current bonus: 20%Pre-Sale is on. Second stage until February 27, 2018.DISCIPLINA at D10ED10E The Leading Conference On Decentralization, 15 - 18 Feb 2018, Fox Theatre, Silicon Valley DISCIPLINA at Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg February 13, 2018 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Park Inn Radisson Pulkovskaya, Ploshchad' Pobedy, 1 Ilya Nikiforov, Founder Of TeachMePlease, On Blockchain in EducationITMO.NEWS talked to Ilya about such issues as how employers perceive a potential candidates’ diploma, why it is necessary to write honest resumes, how can one substantiate them and how blockchain can help with it.Блокчейн как решение проблем в сфере образованияТехнический прогресс не стоит на месте, разрабатываются новые технологии, с помощью которых можно решить проблемы в различных сферах жизни и профессиональной деятельности, нерешаемые традиционными методами.Coinidol.com: Disciplina Blockchain Platform – a Perfect World for LearningAt the end of November, the TeachMePlease project team started the presale of DSCP tokens for Disciplina - a platform for the educational and recruiting spheres.Anycoin.news: Review on the DisciplinaDisciplina - a platform for the educational and recruiting fields.Coinspeaker: TeachMePlease, the First Project on Educational Blockchain Platform DisciplinaWith TeachMePlease, people will be able to find educational programs they like from private tutors, schools, and institutions all over the world.TeachMePlease at the Blockchain Conference KyivDec. 15 , 2017 – Kyiv, BC Parus (2 Mechnikov Street) – VI international conference and exhibition dedicated to technology Blockchain.Education. Problems and solutions.Education is becoming more available and decentralised, and as a result of this the students and teachers are facing both unquestionable benefits, and the issues connected with these developments.TeachMePlease — a perfect world of learning.Based on the Disciplina blockchain platform.PRE-SALE TeachMePlease On 27 November 2017 starts the PRE-SALE of the project in educational sphere TeachMePlease for which is being developed blockchain platform Disciplina.


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