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Cointelegraph: DISCIPLINA aims to change the future of information sharing


The internet is full of redundant information. People can obtain cheap knowledge more and more easily, but few people screen knowledge, and high-quality knowledge sharing has become increasingly important. High-quality knowledge is not often freely accessible by the public, so how can we obtain it? A direct and effective method is to pay for it.

DISCIPLINA will use tokens to motivate knowledge sharers, who will be able to build a community and gather a following. DISCIPLINA will also use smart contracts to ensure a fair deal for those purchasing knowledge.

Our token firmly unites knowledge sharers and their fans. Fans’ token holdings also represent their trust in the knowledge sharers as well as their willingness to pay.


All over the world, young people continue to seek higher education with the goal of landing a job at well-known companies like Google. However, this concept is no longer relevant today. Traditional attitudes need to change.

Prominent representatives of the business industry are “wondering whether getting a university degree is really worth it.” For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that most educational institutions do not provide their students with the skills demanded by current business sectors. A growing number of top companies are now hiring employees based on their skills. The main hiring criteria are high-quality work and meeting deadlines. These qualities depend primarily on qualifications, knowledge and skills of the candidates rather than their diplomas.

LinkedIn project specialists conducted their own research and created a list of positions for which candidates without higher education are more preferable. It features technical and marketing specialties, among many others.

More and more people choose to enroll in continuing education courses in order to improve their qualifications.

The main task of the DISCIPLINA project is to create a universal DLT solution that enables people to create and store information, as well as to maintain a unified register of a person’s skills and academic performance to generate an overall score. DISCIPLINA provides a sharing platform with nonfungible tokens that create value while in circulation.

The ideal goal for the future would be to establish a new educational model that will resolve the issue of quality training for young specialists. This is particularly important in the world of progressive automation, where we are looking at the potential displacement of at least a quarter of the labor force in the coming years.

Breaking news

Breaking news is of great significance in many fields, and information may affect a company’s stock and token price. Many traders pay attention to breaking news in related fields.

Whoever gathers important information first can take the lead. On DISCIPLINA’s platform, users who can publish breaking news are not limited to the media sector — they can also be important figures in a certain field or a certain company. The DAO mechanism designed by DISCIPLINA will allow users to rank the significance of breaking news. Users who hold the DSCPL token will have voting rights. The number of votes represents the credibility of the information and the user’s willingness to pay for it, and it also indicates the potential dissemination ability of this information.


DISCIPLINA will apply the DAO incentive model to promote information exchange around the world. Moreover, NFTs will be used as a voucher to obtain data and educational records and to store information and materials on a decentralized platform.

Services provided include knowledge-sharing, education and a unified register of a person’s skills and academic achievements.

In modern society, information is the most important asset, and valuable information can yield unexpected benefits. Given the potential of sharing information with the best influencers on the platform, the team hopes to achieve an integrated vision of the free flow of information and transactions through token incentives.

DAO and motivation

Only the participants who meet certain criteria and qualify as high-quality authors can publish data on the Disciplina platform. These authors need to hold DSCP tokens and must receive support votes from other participants.

The DISCIPLINA platform enables people to create and store information, records all their achievements in an electronic format, and also guarantees its consistency and reliability.

Moreover, this system provides students with the opportunity to analyze what skills are required to get a job and create an education plan that aims to acquire the relevant strengths. It should also be noted that a unified system allows employers and recruiters to review the profiles of candidates in a quicker and more efficient way, thereby significantly reducing the cost of company resources. DISCIPLINA is an open-source blockchain available for everyone.

The DISCIPLINA project team does not use other blockchains — it has been developing its own product.

Due to confidential information on the blockchain, such as personal data, assessments and test results, existing solutions, like Ethereum, which features transactions in the public domain, are unacceptable. Private ones, for example, Hyperledger, do not provide proper transparency of stored data.

DISCIPLINA provides a reliable method of storing information and makes the interaction between education and recruiting participants more efficient. Prospective students will be granted the possibility of a more precise selection of an educational institution, focusing on the functionality of credible ratings and reviews. They will also be able to set a clear career goal and adjust their educational process to achieve it.

Application of NFTs

On the DISCIPLINA platform, NFTs can be issued for everything with offline physical meaning, such as copyrights, tickets, important documents, etc. The publisher can choose whether to generate an NFT or not.

Authors can choose DISCIPLINA as the first publishing platform to sell intellectual property rights; from then on, each piece of data will generate an NFT. After obtaining the copyright, the user can freely choose whether to make it public or not.

Education-related courses will generate an NFT as a certificate of completion, including online and offline classes. Tickets can be submitted, and they lose their value once used.

Important information can be released by key opinion leaders, media, etc., and users can instantly purchase information.

The DISCIPLINA platform will charge 0.5% for transaction fees.


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